Cat Thoroughly Confused By Carbonated Drink Has The Purrfect Reaction

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Rumble / Cats & KittensWe are in love with this cat! When they say “curiosity killed the cat," it usually means that they can get in all sorts of troubles and messes because they have to check out everything that is going on around them. But this little guy shows the more playful side of a cat's curiosity.

Cats are merely professionals when it comes to finding stuff out. The owner of this kitty decided to demonstrate how playful they can get, so he served the kitten a glass of fizzy water and hit record. The cat, named Coco, approaches the glass and notices the bubbles as they come out of the water, so it tries to do what it knows best. Hunter instincts kick in, and the kitten tries to catch the bubbles as they hit the surface of the water!

Every cat is adorable in its way, but this one is for the books! Look how it is stalking the glass, how it is checking out the contents. The paw as it strikes the bubbles in vain. We are melting!

Do you cat do ridiculous things like this one? Mine is obsessed with shiny things – lighters, metal ointment tubes, anything that she can roll over indefinitely or until she lodges it under the couch and into oblivion!

We merely love cat videos! They always make us happy, full of positive energy and they still show us how smart and quick-witty they are. Cats are cool! They are also cute, and they love to play! Owning a cat is a fantastic and rewarding experience. Time spent with cats is never wasted! Cats are the silliest creatures ever!

Even though cats are not as active and playful animals, they also have their moment when they are completely lazy and don’t want to do anything. Not today hooman! Check out this lazy cat has no interest whatsoever in playing games and we think it represents a side that we all have.

You have to watch this funny video because you'll never see a cat as lazy as this one. This fluffy feline seems to have no intention of playing as it should, his funny face says it all, nothing excites him, or maybe he is too sleepy to follow the game to his owner, who insists on wanting to awaken the hunting instinct of his pet! So funny!

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