Lazy Cat Has No Interest Whatsoever In Playing Games

Published February 24, 2019 2,474 Views $12.24 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensYou have to watch this funny video because you'll never see a cat as lazy as this one. This fluffy feline seems to have no intention of playing as it should, his funny face says it all, nothing excites him, or maybe he is too sleepy to follow the game to his owner, who insists on wanting to awaken the hunting instinct of his pet, either way, something that is not turning out and seems impossible to achieve. Hilarious!

When the video starts we see the yellowish cat sitting in the living room in front of the cameras on a carpet for cats, which has a mechanism that makes move an object so your cat can play. Apparently this cat isn't thrilled by this toy, he preferred a comfortable bed to sleep on and five cans of tuna, Stubborn human, you lost your money on this thing! The cat doesn't seem very happy with his new toy, this ends up confirming it when finally he lies down on the carpet and doesn't make any effort to hunt what moves around him, something very strange because cats usually hunt everything they see, even more if it moves so fast that they hardly see it. What the hell happens to this cat, he it's decomposed?

In the precise moment in which the feline throws itself to the ground it puts a face of evident disinterest, it cannot hide it, reason why its owner decides to focus the camera and to make zoom to him to see closely that face so funny. This cat is a total drama, it seems to be recording a soap opera, in which he is despechado and without wanting to play for having his heart broken, he knows how to transmit feelings in front of the cameras, but for his bad luck only causes laughter in those who see it.

Although it seems that for this cat the life does not have sense, not everything is lost because in any moment we are sure that he will recover his thirst to play, this will be after taking a good nap and to eat, since he will be full of energy to hunt everything to his step and to leave in high to his hunter genetics that so much we love, because the cats are pets with which it is possible to spend pleasant moments, they can surprise us a lot and they show us how fast and skillful they can become, when they challenge every test we put on them them trying to hunt objects to great speed.

What do you think of this lazy cat? Do you know of any method to encourage him and remove that face of disinterest? If you have pet cats, surely you should know some tips, I hope you let us know in the comments below. Don't forget to give him "I like it" and share this funny video with your friends so that they can also have fun with the unusual behavior of the feline. It may be the funniest thing you see today. Enjoy!