Clever Cat Uses Crosswalk To Cross Busy Street

7 years ago

When people are in a rush, they tend to do things like jaywalk to save themselves some time. Most of us are guilty of it as we have done it at least once. What most of us fail to realize is that it is very dangerous. We all like to think that drivers are the most hazardous participants in traffic, when in fact it is pedestrians who always choose to ignore the rules. We should all follow the example that this furry pedestrian here sets and cross the street at designated crosswalks!

Driver Justin Scrutton captured this unbelievable footage on his dash cam while driving through Dartford in Kent, UK and he could not believe his own eyes. Watch as a clever cat patiently waits until there's a safe moment to cross at the crosswalk! You have to see him in action.

It seems that this feline is better at following the rules on the road much better than a lot of other people. The cat is so smart, waiting for the correct time to cross, rather than just running into traffic! It deserves the 'good kitty' award in our books! Wouldn't you like to have a cat like this at your house, one that follows the rules? Let us know down in the comments section!

Cats are amazing and smart animals! Owning a cat is an activity a lot of people enjoy! Cats are delightful creatures! They are intelligent, small and easy to maintain. You can keep them at home and have had lots of naps together, especially on rainy and cold days!

Also, a lot of people consider having a cat as a pet because they are spotless as pets! They are not sloppy, and they clean themselves! Hence there is no doubt in the fact that cats can be excellent pets and their company is thoroughly enjoyable.

However, not all cats have the pleasure to have a warm home, a loving owner and a daily dose of hugs and kisses. A lot of cats are homeless, or they are being abandoned. They are also brilliant and fantastic creatures, and they show us how independent and intelligent they are with moves like this that always impresses us!

Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them smile and is one clip that no one should miss!

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