Smart geese know how to cross the street

RecyclingOTPublished: May 29, 2017Updated: June 2, 2017242,493 views
Published: May 29, 2017Updated: June 2, 2017

Why did the flock of geese cross the street? So that they can be caught on video and become Internet sensation!

These very clever geese wait for the traffic light to change before crossing the street in front of the Isabella Gardner Museum in Boston. Such model citizens! Soon enough, one by one they start crossing and the cars stop for these feathery pedestrians! They look like the Beatles on that cross walk, only without the flair pants.

If you are wondering why they didn’t just fly across, here’s an idea. Walking uses far less energy than flying. Conserving energy for fleeing danger and long migrations helps them survive. Geese tend to walk to their feeding site from water. Since geese are grazing animals, they will do more walking than flying.

Still, it is one amazing sight to behold!

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