Despite His Owner's Urges, This Sleepy Pup Refuses To Wake Up

This adorable puppy is all of us when we have to get up in the mornings and feels our struggle! This pup is perfectly content with spending the day in bed but his parents certainly have another idea! You won't be able to help but fall in love with this little snoozer!

Beef the English Bulldog is all snuggled up between his owners’ pillows in the big, soft bed and will not get out for the world! In fact, he is so comfy in his sleep, he’s rolled around on his back and refuses to wake up!

Both his owners try their hardest to get Beef out of the bed, they attempt every trick there is in the book!

“Come on, Beefy, let’s go byebyes!" - Beef just squiggles deeper into the covers.

“Wanna treat?" - nothing happens.

At one point, it seems the humans’ annoying attempts to get him out made the pup come into a prayer position. His owners think he’s praying for strength to roll over, but we all know that Beef’s praying for the strength to endure their calls.

After much coercing, Beef’s brindle colored butts eventually rolls over on the bed and gets out of that sweet spot where his chubbiness created a cot. But his face says it all - this better be good...

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