Snoring English Bulldog absolutely refuses to wake up

Published February 3, 2016 24,208 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEveryone, meet Buddha. Buddha is your typical English Bulldog; he is white, muscular, with a big muzzle and pronounced lower jaw. He also snores; a lot and very loudly, just like any other Bulldog out there. It is what they do.

But Buddha's snoring is so loud that it's keeping his owner wide awake. They are snuggled up on the couch and having a nap, but Buddha seems to be more successful than his owner. His snores are so melodic and equally apart, there seems to be no way that he will wake up.

After several failed attempts to wake him up, this English Bulldog's owner says the magic words that has him up and ready to go. “Let's go get Roz! Yeah, wanna go get Roz?" It seems that the only thing that Buddha likes more than sleeping like a log is Roz! That was just hilarious!

The snoring in Bulldogs is one of their key features. They tend to snore like a freight train, all night long and on most nights. All short-headed breeds do. It is caused by the abnormal airways that are genetic to these breeds, because they were bred to catch bulls by biting them on the nose. The pronounced lower jaw was to allow them to breathe while holding the bull.