Elderly Shih Tzu Gets A Makeover Just In Time To Meet His Adopters

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Rumble It is really heartbreaking when you think of all the dogs that roam the streets, looking for someone to love them. Another rather unfortunate truth is that many of those dogs get rescued and placed in shelters, only to stay there for long period of time, not finding their forever home. This, however, is not one such story!

Max, an older Shih Tzu, was found wandering the streets of Anaheim, California. He was lost or abandoned by his former owners based on his loving and trusting disposition towards people, something not many stray dogs have. When he was found, Max was looked terrible. He wasn’t exactly covered in dreadlocks, but he was dirty and somewhat unpresentable.

OC Animal Care brought Max to the shelter, where older, unattractive, shy dogs are often ignored. Hollywood Groomers decided to donate four vans and the services of five groomers and in doing so saved many lives. He was brushed, his nails clipped, thoroughly bathed and given a haircut. Lastly, he was dressed up with a tie, to match his new ood looks!

That day, Hollywood Groomers cut, groomed, spruced and glammed up 56 dogs who have since been adopted, including Max.

Every dog deserves a second look, a second chance and a second home! Please share Max's story.

You won't believe this is the same dog! His transformation is dramatic and definitely saved his life. #TransformationTuesday #shihtzu #adoptdontshop

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