Incredible Transformation Of Dog Left With Dreads After Years Of Neglect

Published February 14, 2018 28,941 Views

Rumble Remember those Bob Marley posters, where the famous Rastafarian musician wailed into a microphone, with long dreadlocks flying free? If this poor neglected pup could speak, he might have a more negative opinion about his dreadlocks.

It’s not that dreadlocks are bad, when you can take care of them. He can’t, however. His fur just grew into long tangled knots because there was nobody there to comb or clip him. Even the before and after pictures speak volumes in terms of the emotions he expresses. He looks so…professional, and handsome!

It makes one wonder, though, is this what happens to dogs that never get clipped? We know there are breeds of dogs with short hair, and their fur pretty much takes care of itself. Other kinds of dogs with long, wavy fur may have a unique problem, if left to themselves. The opening image, for instance, is quite stunning, and not in a good way. That hair is just out of control. The face on that pooch screams, “Help!”

In the next image we can’t even tell if we’re looking at the back end, the side, the front, or what? Horrible. What happened to this little guy? Did its owner just up and move and leave him behind? A caring man with purple shears does his best to shave away, not unlike a sculptor bringing the form out of a block of wood or clay.

At last, yes, there is a dog buried somewhere in that tangled web of matted fiber. He looks positively naked, compared to what we were watching before. He’s probably much cooler now, and needs a blanket to compensate for his missing natural wool coat. He finally knows that some people care. He has a yard to play in. A rug to sleep on. A house to shelter him, and someone to give him the attention he deserves. A reliable feeding schedule.

So much to be grateful for. Here he comes! Here comes our little Oliver Twist, a feral scavenger saved from the tough streets and transformed into a respectable member of the household. Somewhere in there is a metaphor that applies to people.

And hair does grow back. It’s a rite of passage, letting go of a past life full of pain and heartbreak, brought up into order and cleanliness. We even have new friends. Better friends. Better role models. Welcome, little guy. Come inside, and stay as long as you want.