Kid Feels Effects of 8G's

ViralHogPublished: September 5, 201615,647 plays$35.83 earned
Published: September 5, 2016

Info From Licensor: "12 year old Riley wanted to see if Tex could put him to sleep so two 8G turns later Riley Gets G-LOC'd (Gravity Induced Loss of Consciousness) and wakes up smiling. A thrill seekers dream come true.
Flying a plane similar to Red Bull Air race planes, these Extra 330's can perform maneuvers such as Aileron Rolls, Loops, Tail Slides and Tumbles. Pulling up to 10Gs of force is sure to give you a little tunnel vision and maybe a little nap." - Gary Wallace
Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA
Occurrence Date: September 1, 2016
Credit: Gary Wallace /

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