This Is What G-Force Training For Astronauts Looks Like

ViralVideoUKPublished: December 6, 2017244 views
Published: December 6, 2017

G-training is required as a mandatory training for pilots and astronauts who are, in their everyday work, exposed to high acceleration levels. It is intended to prevent fainting due to gravity changes. The fainting occurs as a result of the blood moving away from the brain. Such loss of consciousness has caused fatal accidents even in well isolated aircrafts and cockpits capable of enduring high-g for prolonged periods.

The benefits of submitting the pilots to this training have been scientifically established. The pioneering testing was being conducted during the 1970’s and have since been the focal point of much research and the topic of volumes of expert literature. Going through this training allows the pilots and crew to better adapt, especially as new weapon systems are fielded with even higher performance capabilities.

The test pilot in this video is a true hero. He is undergoing a 6-G exercise in a controlled environment. After leaving him space to get mentally prepared, the control engages the cockpit. In only a few seconds you will be able to observe the gradual changes in the pilot’s facial features, muscle spasms and twitches that are obviously not willed, change of posture and difficulties in breathing, all under the influence of multiplied gravity.

It might not be the most comfortable video to watch, but it is quite educational.

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