English Bulldog Proves He Is Master Of Temper Tantrums In This Video Compilation

Published August 27, 2016 124,931 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesElvis, the English bulldog, is a real tantrum master. The intensity with which he gets angry at situations where he needs to show patience and diligence, sweep us off our feet. And the way he sounds when he shows his unparalleled tantrum-throwing skills, serves as a perfect addition to his character. He sounds like a baby dinosaur when he protests against his owner's commands.

Every time when he hears the word NO, he fiercely thrusts his head back. Words and phrases like ‘no, be patient, wait for your turn’ are merely not part of his dictionary. As long as his desires are not satisfied he will go on having these outbursts of anger and frustration which up until this video we thought they were typical for young children only. But Elvis shares the exclusivity of this behavior as well.

Elvis simply hates being refused and he hates when he is told to behave. So he exercises his stubbornness in every way possible. Regardless of the type of activity, he can’t go against his displeased nature.

And no sooner he realizes that things are not going like he has imagined, the only thing left is showing his displeasure by throwing his head and then the whole body backward and croaking like the most scabious frog out there.

It seems his owner’s plea to give him “a break, just for today”, is falling on deaf ears because Elvis has some serious temper and he is obviously upset and starts barking and growling whenever he can’t get his message across. His complaining mood is hilarious at times and funny more often. Why being obedient when he can practice his free-spirited behavior in a unique way.

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