Woman Finds Frog In Her Pool That Keeps Calling For Its Mom

AFV Published December 19, 2015 116,631 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWe all know the story of the frog prince, the one you have to kiss to lift the curse bestowed upon him by an evil sorceress for being vain and selfish? It does have a nice moral, that story and kids love it! But we have yet to see the Brothers Grimm tell a story of the frog that confused a suburban woman as its mom!

What would you do if you hear a slimy little critter call you "Mom"? Well, that is not exactly what happened, but this kind lady did save the bullfrog from a nasty fate. When these two ladies went to their backyard, they found the unusual uninvited guest swimming in their pool.

Obviously entertained, the woman strokes the frog's head and every time she does, the frog croaks. But does it croak or is it saying something?


"It sounds like a cat!" says the woman recording, while the frog-whisperer adds "He says 'Mom’,” and surely enough, Mr. Bullfrog keeps croaking "Mom" every time she gives him a gentle nudge on the head..

"I don't want him to get close to me now!" says the woman’s friend, but she keeps laughing and petting the frog. We wouldn’t like him near us too, he's obviously very confused!

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  • Justjudy, 2 years ago

    Poor thing was probably getting squished she was holding it so weird- Poor frog

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  • addytewd, 2 years ago

    Rumble sucks! A 30-second ad before a 1-minute video? I don't have to watch ads on facebook or youtube. And your click bait is ridiculous. I got caught several times with your crap. I won't be watching or responding to any other videos in the future. By the way, the reason the frog was screaming? You think that's funny? When do you scream? Yeah, same goes with animals. Disgusting!

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  • wimpee, 2 years ago

    Maybe if she kissed it it would turn into a Prince.

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  • kellym, 2 years ago

    if you watch her finger.. she accidentally petted its EYE.. then it closed its eye and made that horrible sound.. I think it was the finger across its eye that made it react!

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