Frog that says mom

AFVPublished: December 19, 2015Updated: December 30, 2015114,433 views
Published: December 19, 2015Updated: December 30, 2015

What would you do if you hear a slimy little critter call you "Mom"? That's what happened to these two women in their back yard, when they found a bullfrog swimming in their pool in the backyard.
Obviously entertained, the woman strokes the frog's head and every time she does, the frog croaks. But does it croak or is it saying something?
"It sounds like a cat!" says the woman recording, while the frog-whisperer adds "He says 'Mom'" :D and surely enough, Mr. Bullfrog keeps croaking"Mom" every time she nudges him.
"I don't eat him to get close to me now!" We would like him near us too, he's obviously very confused!
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