Siamese Fighting Fish Jumps Out Of Water To Go Through A Hoop

Published August 25, 2016 1,481,573 Views

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsIf you think that fish are not fun pets, then prepare to be wowed! El Guapo is probably the most talented Betta fish we've ever seen! Watch him repeatedly jump through a ring held above the water by his owner. That's incredible! Who said that you can't teach an old fish new tricks?

Bettas are one of the most popular breeds of aquarium fish worldwide. Known as "the jewel of the orient", they show their brightly colored skins only when agitated, although certain breeders have been able to make this permanent. Bettas are territorial and can become very aggressive, so it's better to keep one betta of either sex in a large aquarium - the bigger, the better.

Footage shows the amazing trick this fish learned how to pull following owner’s lead. A fish can be seen swimming around happily in a fishbowl. Moments later, owner places an orange hoop over the water, high enough for the hoop to touch the water and the fish to notice its shape. Almost immediately, the fish approaches the hoop and stares at it for a while, obviously intrigued by its presence.

Judging by the way the happy fish looks at the hoop, it seems to be enchanted by its being, or maybe it is just preparing to jump. Amazingly, after few seconds, the finned animal makes an effort and jumps high enough to fly over the hoop. Incredible!

Pet-owners often tend to teach their dogs new tricks, but have you ever considered teaching your fish some tricks? This talented fish has been taught by its owner to jump through hoops on command and she scores with flying colors. Amazing!

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