Dog Befriends Wild Otter And They Engage In Playtime

Published August 22, 2016 55,569 Plays $131.12 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsBest friends don’t have to look anything alike to make a great team. You might have a dog and a cat that get along, but most of our readers don’t have an otter for their dog to hang out with. If you did though, you just might find dogs and otters make awesome friends. The animal kingdom never ceases to amaze and inspire, enjoy these wondrous pals that put aside all differences to spread some love. These interspecies friendships prove that anybody can get along if they really put their minds to it. This proves that animals can be much better than humans sometimes: they just don’t care about differences of species or size, animals will be loyal to their friends for life. If you still think that they are not able to form friendships and feel deep emotions, we are sure you will change your mind before the end of this video.

From rhinos and lambs, cats and owls, giraffe and ostrich, the world of animals is full of surprises. Every friendship is unique and different as this video proves it. Living on the island of Borneo, an amazing bond has formed between a dog and a wild otter. Just look at their unusual game of tugging, biting and rolling all over the floor while their owner relishes in the silly sight. Check out how these two friends play together with no limits. They are amazing. It seems like the dog has the lead and the supremacy over the otter, and he rules the game. The otter can’t find a way to take a breath just for short so to get energized again and be able to return the fight and be on the equal grounds with the dog.

The feline doesn’t let him go a step away from his paws no matter how hard the otter tries. In fact, the otter finds this game of pulling, pushing and rolling amusing because he himself feels the bliss of the bond. We can even hear the otter let sounds of weakness as he isn’t able to take the situation in his own hands. Regardless of that, they both enjoy their playtime and it looks like their activity will stretch endlessly. If not anything else, the dog is mostly gentle with his friend, his bites are friendly and not violent, and the otter’s role in this game is just to show resistance so that the game would be more successful. Animals, too, have set the rules for certain games, don’t they? It is only at the end that we see the dog lets go of the otter but the poor one misses their antics and follows him faithfully wherever he has gone to. Oh doggy, don’t leave your friend like that, show some mercy and take the crazy rolly-polly to another place, but don’t give up entirely because it was so funny watching you both.

If humans can learn one thing from animals it should be their ability to see past the exterior and find common ground and even friendship in others despite their origins, their skin color, their status or reputation. Animals are capable of opening their hearts across species boundaries and in effect, beautiful and unusual animal friendships and even a sense of familial love can emerge.