"Otter Playing With Toilet Paper"

Published February 5, 2018 891 Plays

Rumble "We never realized that otters were this AMAZING! Just look at this cute guy, playing with the toilet paper as if it's the best toy ever. Hilarious, don't you think? Animals have a 'thing' about toilet paper rolls. Pets love visiting bathrooms, especially when you(the owner) are not at home. And what takes after, involves entertainment and chaos. Dogs and cats are one of the best-known toilet paper fanatics. To get on the toilet bowl and jump to unroll an entire roll of paper towels, appears to be so much fun, right? You can get your pets all the expensive toys, but in the end they just want to play with toilet paper or a box, LOL! This cute otter goes into 'tasmanian devil' mode on toilet tissue and makes a huge mess in the bathroom. Oh my Gotter! Do your pets too like to terrorize toilet paper or maybe a box of tissues?"