QPAU Portable LED Motion Light Review

Published August 21, 2016 437 Views

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This little motion-detecting LED light has already impressed me a lot. It has a good range of motion detection, and the size makes it super portable and easy to carry in one hand. The little cradle is awesome - you can hang the loop on something or use the included magnet to stick it somewhere useful.

This light takes three AAA batteries (not included of course). It comes with the cradle and three options on how you want to hang it. The first is screw-on with the included screws and drywall mounts, then there is double-sided tape, then a magnet. I chose the magnet because of the location of our refrigerator in the entryway.

Last night, we had a large storm resulting in a power outage. I walked in late at night, this was the only light that came on and I proceeded to grab it and use it as a flashlight throughout the house. Perfect use case and I am really happy I had this light last night.

The motion detection on this light is very sensitive and detects from quite a good range. I am more impressed with this light than I have been with lights triple this price.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.