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Two Parrot Brothers Speak English To Each Other

Pets are amazing creatures that seem to brighten up our lives. Sure, they can be a lot of hard work to raise, almost like raising a child, but in the end, it is all worth it as the memories and love that they give heavily outweigh those challenges. Birds are one of those pets that are well known and much appreciates for providing such memorable moments!

Fabio and Gabriel are Indian ringneck birds brothers that enjoy in their truly amazing bond. They can be seen fighting like any siblings do but they love to say each other's name, give kisses, and ask how or what the other bird is doing. Check their adorable closeness and love in the video at the top of the page!

The Fabio and Gabriel brothers are simply adorable and hilarious together. They are so smart that it seems like they are actually having an intellectual conversation together. For all we know, they really are having one! Enjoy their adorable kisses and cute phrases including "Are you okay?", "I love you", and "You be good!"

Hilarious footage has emerged of two talkative parrots engaging in an adorable conversation. You gotta love parrots, they can be very entertaining pets, although demanding to keep. But if you love a bird that is very affectionate and can talk back to you, then an Indian Ringneck parakeet is the right choice for you!

Indian Ringnecks have become very popular pets recently. These birds are very social, and they love to talk whenever they get the chance! They are also very affectionate birds. We can definitely see this while watching this video.

Footage shows two beautiful, talkative parakeets standing opposite one another and engaging in a friendly conversation, asking how they are doing! You don't want to miss this hilarious conversation! You can't help but laugh along with them!

The conversation these two have is adorable, you can tell these two love each other very much! What a special bond they share, they must have been living together for a very long time!

These two are adorable and hilarious together. They are so smart that they it seems like they are actually having an intellectual conversation together. For all we know, they really are having one! This is why pets are so awesome! They need to be treated with the utmost respect and care as they are valuable members of your family!

Talking about birds, can you imagine what it must be like to live in Australia? With the continent being home to so many diverse breeds of exotic birds, all you have to do is buy a bag of bird feed and learn a bird call! Hopefully your balcony will be filled with a flock of king parrots too! They are so friendly, they just land on the hands of the girls and their father and eat right off!

In another video, we see a flock of majestic Australian Parrots from the wild Outback slowly fill this family’s balcony and eat out of the hands of a father and his two daughters in this magical clip. The father starts whistling a bird call and several moments later we see a small flock of King Parrots land on the roof, with a few descending on the father’s seed-filled palms, then on the older girl. Can you imagine all of these birds demonstrating the cracking of sunflower seeds’ shell simultaneously for the camera? That would be a lovely experience indeed!

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