Lazy Bulldog Would Rather Skate Down The Street Than Walk

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Published: August 1, 2016Updated: August 3, 2016

Brazil has to be one of those places that people hanker to visit, simply because it has culture unlike any other place in the world! São Paulo, Brazil’s vibrant financial center, holds secrets most tourists might never get to experience like the locals do, but the one thing that stands out from the rest is the city’s Big Worm.

São Paulo's Minhocão elevated highway has done double duty for the last few decades: highway by day, linear park at night—plus Sundays and holidays. During its off time, segments of the 2.2-mile-long roadway—officially the Via Elevada Presidente Costa e Silva—have, at various times, been transformed into a pool, a park, a canvas, and more.

Thiago Iglesias, a skater and friend of the Minhocao park association's founder Athos Comolatti, began bringing his <a href="" target="_blank">Bulldog</a> Buddha for walks down the Minhocao about a year ago. "Buddha loves it here. This is his track," Thiago says. Now, the two are fixtures of the Big Worm of Sao Paulo.

The Portuguese name Minhocão means Big Worm, a reference to the mythical slithering monster that was believed to live underground in Brazil's southern highlands. According to another Friends of The Park, Felipe Rodriguez, the name was given as a joke, likely having something to do with the bendy structure's worm-like orientation.

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