BMOUO LED Light Strip Review

Published July 31, 2016 1,122 Views

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BMOUO 2 Reels 12V 32.8ft Waterproof Flexible SMD3528 RGB 600 LEDs, LED Strip Light Kit

I have used many "waterproof" LED light strips. These are no different, but I do really like these over others I have for a few reasons.

First, I really like the power connector on this set. It's super low profile and comparatively a lot easier to hit the IR eye with the remote.

The color on these lights seem a bit weak when compared to a couple of my other lights, but that's not a huge deal. They still create the color well. The waterproofing is pretty thin but looks like it will protect the lights. These strips have 3M sticky backing but don't bother - it will fall off. If you want these to be semi-permanent just use other 3M command strips to stick these and leave on the 3M backing.

The remote is the same one I have with a couple of my other LED strip lights. It has a lot of options, including several DIY color options you can customize by adding red, green, or blue. The Auto option jumps through the colors, the Jump options jump through 3 or 7 colors and the Fade options fade through 3 or 7 colors. I prefer Fade 7 then I slow it down as much as possible to get a nice slow shift. These lights do have a nice smooth transition between colors, unlike some other LED lights I have used. I typically find that to be due to the adapter between the power source and the lights however, and not due to the LED lights themselves.

All in all, this is a great value for the price

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.