Kotion G1000 Gaming Headset Review

Published July 31, 2016 28,897 Views

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This is a decent gaming headset with a nice LED light effect. I am impressed with the detailing on this headset - all of the little artistic flares on the headband are spot on and show a real attention to detail. Unfortunately, that is about where the attention to detail ends as there are some parts of this headset that leave something to be desired.
The design is excellent, the LEDs are cool. The "blue" in the product description is NOT the LED lights- those are multi-colored and cycle through a number of lights. The headphones themselves are fairly comfortable and the cable is awesome - fabric-wrapped cables are the best.
I love that there are individual controls for headphone volume and microphone on/off on the left earpiece - it's a really nice touch.

The instructions are worthless and the Kotion (Kotion is the actual manufacturer of this headset - it's Kotion G1000) website is just as worthless, giving no setup instruction, specs, or drivers for this product. What's worse is that when I scanned the "Learn More" QR code on the instructions it opened the Google Play store on my phone and took me to the download page for the WhatsApp messaging app. Umm - no. That's sketchy. This headset doesn't come with a CD so you might expect it to be plug-and-play. Unfortunately, since this is not a USB headset that is not the case. The USB cord is used ONLY to provide power to the LED light effect and nothing else - you need to use the headphone and microphone cables in your line out/headphone and mic jacks to get the headphones and microphone to function. I had a rough time getting the mic to work - I ended up having to update my audio card drivers in Windows 10 to get it to function, but I did get it working. The headphones worked right away.

The headphones are decent quality when it comes to sound, but the mic is a little too soft for my taste. You almost have to be eating it to hear well, and then you get a lot of wind/breathy sounds along with it.

The LED effect is nice, but because there are no drivers/software that come with the headset you have no control over the actual light effect. You can use these headphones/mic without the LED effect by simply unplugging the USB cable that is attached to your computer. The headset will still function without the USB cable plugged in.

This headset isn't bad, but it could be much better. I have received other products from Forestfish that I love, this one was just a bit of a miss for me.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.