Nibble Digital Ear Thermometer Review

Published July 31, 2016 531 Views

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A product does not have to be life-changing to get a 5-star review out of me, all it has to do is function well as intended and to deliver on its promises. That said, I was really looking forward to this product as I trust ear thermometers a little more than the ones you run across a child's forehead and this is definitely easier to use with a toddler than sticking something into an orifice and expecting said toddler to sit still.

On the surface, this is a great product. It's packaged in a good-looking box, comes with a stand so you don't have to throw it in a drawer to store if you have a cabinet you can stand it in, and it has an easy-to-read digital display. You can change the unit between Fahrenheit and Celsius, and it stores the last 10 temperature readings you took so you can compare one ear to another or take several readings to make sure you're getting the most accurate reading.

However, as easy as this should be to use, the unintelligible instructions make it near impossible to really get the full intended use out of it. The instructions are so difficult to understand that even the simplest task of "how to replace batteries" is difficult, and by following the instructions, I broke the battery drawer so now it doesn't fit on the thermometer anymore. Additionally, the battery drawer is so incredibly tight, when placing the batteries into the unit the contacts actually bent and I doubt I will ever be able to remove these batteries without prying them with a screwdriver. I am also put off by a "Tips" notice on the side of the box that essentially says "If this product doesn't work - you're doing it wrong, our product is pretty much infallible and will always be right" - I am of course paraphrasing, I have attached a picture of the actual wording so you can see what it really says.

It really is a shame that something as simple as poor instructions end up affecting my experience with this product. My wife does not want to use it because the battery drawer is broken so it's not comfortable to hold - I could easily give this a failing rating, but I do want to give the best review possible. It works and it will work as intended according to my testing, but please read the reviews first so you know what to expect.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.