Razon USB-powered LED Strip Lighting Review

Published July 31, 2016 4,451 Views

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I have a fairly high level of knowledge when it comes to LED strip lighting. I own four different sets that I've purchased from various vendors on Amazon. All have their merits. This one is the first I have owned that does not plug into the wall for power and instead uses a USB port for power. If you are looking for LED lighting for a room or kitchen, look at a longer strip light that plugs into the wall. If you're looking for TV backlighting (highly recommended "bias" lighting) - this is the strip for you.

The best thing about this strip is probably that it has velcro backing instead of the typical 3M double-stick tape directly on the LED strip. Most LED lights you find have 3M backing, but it's pretty terrible and falls after a day or two. This one seems like it will hold strong and last longer.
The second best thing about this is the USB power - this means that this light will turn on when you turn on your TV (assuming your TV has a USB port on the back - most HDTVs do now). This beats using a remote to reach around the TV to turn on the LED lights.

The remote is fairly standard and unfortunately a lot more confusing that other LED light remotes I've owned - see my video for details. I also wish this light ended in a female or male plug, rather than just ending at a straight cut. I already had a clip extender from another LED light strip, but all of my other LED strip lights are 10v whereas this one is 5v, so I can't use it to power the others :(
Still, for the price, this is an excellent way to get backlighting for your TV. If you've never backlit your TV or monitors, you have no idea what you're missing. Having the back light has greatly diminished my eye strain - especially when watching TV/movies or editing pictures in a dark room.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.