Boruit High Power Dual Light Headlamp Video Review

ZhemJZPublished: July 31, 2016Updated: August 9, 2016428 views
Published: July 31, 2016Updated: August 9, 2016

Pick one up for yourself!

This headlamp is awesome and has some pretty slick hidden features.

I received this lamp in quite possibly the most confusing packaging I have ever received. The instructions are essentially nonexistant, unless you can decode the sides of the box. The pictures on the box and description of the product on the box do not really match the product within, which is sad since this is a pretty great, albeit a little heavy, product.

The two LED lamps are SUPER bright and have 4 features, though only 3 are obvious. There is "SURFACE OF THE SUN" mode, "soft glow" mode, and "RAVE ALL NIGHT" strobe mode. The 4th "SOS" Morse Code feature can be accessed by long-pressing the power button - something I would have known had I actually read the full Amazon listing (guilty).

The light fits really well on your head, charges quickly, and is really super bright. The charging cable is really short - maybe 16 inches. The battery compartment also has a USB port to charge a device through a USB cord, just in case you need to see where you're going in your house during a power outage while charging your FitBit.
The battery adapter is a nice touch, even though I didn't understand what it was at first - if you're head lamp isn't charged, you can use the adapter to use AAA or AA batteries instead.

This is a great thing to have around for emergencies - in case of a power outage or should a spontaneous dance party breaks out in your living room that requires a strobe light.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review.

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