Understanding Russia and the Cult of Cybernetics

4 months ago

In this edition of Tish Talks with Patricia Conlin, Matt is asked to clarify the curious thing called Russia while answering the question: Is Russia a friend or enemy to the west? This long form discussion takes us through the deeper history of US-Russian friendship which the London-centered financier oligarchy has worked for centuries to destroy, and we shed light on the Lincoln-Czar Alexander II alliance that saved the republic, the century-old fight to connect Russia with the USA via the Bering Strait Tunnel, the forgotten clash between Leon Trotsky and Stalin, and also Russia's alliance with the USA in putting down London's Nazi frankenstein monster.
The growth of cybernetics within Russia, the USA and Europe post WWII is also explored leading to the growth of a transhumanist deep state in our present age.
Lastly, we evaluate the biography, and role of Vladimir Putin within modern grand strategy.

Follow Tish Conlin's podcast here: https://rumble.com/v310teq-is-russia-an-enemy-or-a-friend-to-the-west-history-of-russia-with-matt-ehre.html

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