Is Russia an Enemy or a Friend to the West? History of Russia with Matt Ehret

4 months ago

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with brilliant Canadian historian and Author, Matt Ehret ( about the forces at play both within Russia and around the world over the past few centuries. We cover Russia's role in the America civil war 1861-1865, the Russian sale of Alaska to USA, how the Russians' courage saved many from the Nazis in WWII, Russian leaders who helped fight imperialism and many of the deep state operatives who have tried to weaken and destroy Russia over the centuries. We talk about the Russian spirit and soul and the depth of expression and talent with Russian writers scientists and people who have endured massive struggle and tragedy to preserve Mother Russia. Matt just finished a documentary on the next country we will cover in detail in August-China- and I encourage you to watch and share this with as many people as possible: Chinese Election Interference: Five Eyes, NATO & the Ugly Truth of CSIS: ⁠⁠⁠

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