Pool-Loving Dog Jumps Right In After Being Let Outside

Published July 19, 2016 205,014 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesAhh, Westies… The best way to describe this tiny white terrier that comes from Scotland is to just say: the dog is brimming with such self-esteem that entire world knows his pooch is the best around! The West Highland Terrier is always in search of another way to pass its time and they are not bothered if they make you laugh or shout out in anger running after them to mend the mess they did. They are cheerful and friendly, with a good-natured heart and character that everyone can find appealing. Especially charming is the dog when he tilts his head and jokingly looks at you.

Christy the West Highland Terrier loves the pool more than any dog you have ever seen, she might love swimming more than dolphins! There are many videos on the Internet where Christy is showing off her aquatic endeavors and they are gaining immense popularity. Christie the West Highland Terrier is becoming a real Internet sensation! Watch the video at the top of the page to find out more!

Christy’s family has moved into a new house. Her mom and dad know well how fond she is of swimming so they made sure the new house has a swimming pool. In the video, you can hear her owner telling Christy that the pool is just outside the door and he is welcoming her to go out and try it. Oh, the sounds of excitement that this dog makes scratching eagerly on the window pane waiting to be let out backdoors! Will the new pool live up to Christy's standards? Of course, it does! Loving swimming as much as she does any pool will do! Look at her go straight into the water, without even checking the surroundings and ”testing” the water!

And a beautiful pool that is. It is not rectangular and it is really something! Christy now has a brand new swimming pool and the little swimmer is back in action! She still doesn’t know where the stairs are because they are not where they used to be at the old one but there is sure lots of water to swim in!

If you liked the enthusiastic yelp for going to the pool, we recommend you watch as this excited Westie shows off incredible diving skills!

That’s Westies for you folks! They are friendly, love to be part of the family, they are never lazy or submissive couch potatoes and they have their own favorite past times, like Christy has with swimming. These lively and energetic four-pawed friends meet adventures that life can bring with a spark in her eyes and a joyous trot. Looking at Christy here doesn't only make you want to have a swimming pool like hers but also, at least for a day, see life through the eyes of a West Highland Terrier.

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