Western Highland Terrier learns to climb the boat ladder

Published June 13, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Gus is a 2-1/2 year old West Highland terrier, Havanese and Jack Russell terrier blend, quite the mix. Gus definately has the energy and excitement levels of a Jack Russell terrier. His human Andrew has mentioned that Gus has the brains to go along with his high energy level, meaning the two are a great pair. Andrew lives on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia which is an area that offers up some incredible spaces for outdoor activities which him and Gus definately are involved in. From hiking, to boating and stand up paddleboarding, Gus is always by Andrew's side. As all of us know, after a hard day of play, there always has to be some downtime. On the day Brent recorded Gus learning to climb the ladder, they had all been out on the boat enjoying the beautiful Vancouver weather for an event called Boat for Hope. Boat for Hope, as Andrew mentioned, is more of a "fun raiser" than fund raiser. The many volunteers spend the day taking less privileged children ,parents and care givers out for some fun on the water. The event is themed around Pirates, so it is a whole lot of fun. The children get to make believe they are protecting the boat's treasure, while fending off Bad Pirates, made up of volunteers from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Coast Guard, Search and Rescue and other volunteers, with water guns. After all the activity ,Gus decided he needed a swim which gave Andrew the opportunity to show the crew Gus' new skill. Gus definately is a lover of the sea.