Boaters Save Baby Deer From The Middle Of Lake Buchanan

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Published: July 19, 2016

Why did the man jump into the lake? To save the fawn in the middle of the big water, why else? One brave man risked his own safety, when he spotted a fawn stranded in the middle of Lake Buchanan in Texas.

In the clip, shot on July 10, 2016, shows a man jumping out of his speedboat into the murky waters of Lake Buchanan, to save a fawn that is stranded literally in the middle of it. The man, who we find out is named Jeff Parker, says:

"We were out in the boat last week on Lake Buchanan when we saw some deer out in the middle of the lake. There were two babies and a mother. They were a long way from shore, and it appeared that the mom was swimming around the babies who were unable to swim any further and struggling to stay above the water. After watching for a bit, we decided to intervene and Corey swam out and got the two baby deer and put them into the boat. The mom stayed close to the boat, but we couldn’t approach her, so we took them back to shore and she followed us. We placed them on shore and the three of them ran off together."

Jeff friend stayed on the boat to film the entire thing, because who would have believed that a family of deer would go out swimming in a lake? When Jeff reaches the boat with one arm under the baby deer, his friend asks if they will put the fawn up.

“Yeah,” Jeff replies. 'I mean we can leave her here to drown or we can put her in the boat.'

In the next scene we get to see Jeff as he happily cuddles the baby deer he saved, smiling for the camera. It’s not every day you rescue a drowning animal and then get to hold it while it recuperates!

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