Adorable Baby Deer Follows Cat Through The Cat Door

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Published: June 24, 2016

Doors were made to open places for people. Not just for them, but for the animals as well. Lots of people make doggie or cat flap, so their pets can go in and out whenever they want. They are so convenient, they let pets be free. The pets do not depend from the owners and they feel much better in comparison with other cats and dogs which lack this opportunity.

This is an old video, taken almost 20 years years ago, but it still doesn’t seize to amaze people every time they watch it.

The home cat has gone for a morning walk, to stretch her legs a bit. After she has taken some fresh air, she returns home. But she is not alone…

The cat comes back home through the cat door, but a while later we get to see who she met while “stretching her legs”. On the way home she met a new friend. Oh, “deer”! A deer… What a friendship!

When you have your house in the countryside and it is surrounded with all kinds of animals, this is a common everyday thing. When the cat returned from her walk, the baby deer just followed her, curious about where the cat might go.

The fawn broke into the house through the cat flap and walked in the house looking around with curiosity. Isn’t it funny?

Was this door meant for the cat or the deer?

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