These Cows Play With Hay Bale Like Puppies With Toilet Paper

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Published: July 8, 2016

It may be unusual to think about, since cows aren’t really known for being the most playful of farm animals. They can sometimes be seen laying around, lounging in the sun or just chewing, but in this case, a group was spotted playing with a rolled bale of hay like puppies play with toilet paper.

A group of cows was filmed unraveling a hay bale down a hill on a farm in Oak Harbor in Washington. The footage of the young bovines going buck crazy and chasing the bale and it unravels really warmed our hearts! Sure, they had some help to get them started, but once that bale got rolling, the party was on!

Just like kids used to have some innocent fun rolling hops down a street, these cows had the time of the day rolling that bale. As gravity took over, the bovines chased after the roll of hay, taking turns nudging it with their noses and occasionally stopping for a snack, because fresh hay!

The fun and frivolity was captured by Jennifer Muzzall Jones, who later said: “The 3 Sisters were just out feeding the cows and they started to play around and then they went buck wild! Rolling the bail down the hill and away they went!”

There must be something magical happening when farm animals spot these rolls of hay, because we have another video of three lambs putting on quite a hilarious show for the neighbors. The three sheep were spotted jumping on the rolls like kids on a jungle gym. Priceless!

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