Adorable Lambs Put On A Hilarious Show For The Neighbors

Published January 16, 2017 49,316 Views $212.64 earned

Ireland is truly land of wonder! From their massive green fields, to the amazing people that populate the island. We can’t tell for sure if it’s the culture, or something in the water, but they are truly magical, fun loving creatures!

Now we come to realize that it isn’t only the humans in Ireland that love their fair share of fun. A family of farmowners noticed their sheep were feeling quite cheeky in the field and they were more than happy to record the whole ordeal!

"Well we have a field across from us with a few ewe sheep in it and they stumbled across our land and the few hay bales in the field, we noticed a few days in advance of the video being shot that they were jumping on the bales. So my father got the tractor and lined the bales up in the field in front of the house and lo and behold the three triplet lambs started to jump across the bales to our astonishment haha!! Only in Ireland we said would you see this!!"

Watching those sheep jump from one bale to the next makes us think how Ireland is a fairytale land! All we know about sheep is that they bleat all the time, graze the grass and run away like crazy at the sight of the sheepdog!

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