This Little Girl Made Bird Apartments In Her Toy Kitchen

These birds are living in paradise, thanks to this adorable little farmer in training! This little girl wanted to give these little chicks a safe place to nest and live, so she turned her old playhouse into a luxury apartment for birds! How thoughtful!

The tiny farmer girl brought the toy kitchen out in the yard, emptied all of the shelves and stuffed them with straw. Literally every one of those empty boxes have been equipped to safely and comfortable house a baby chick. Even the toy microwave, although it may be a bit crampy. At least it is cosy.

She housed three little chicks in the sink, (they probably got the deluxe package), she’s got two in the above head cupboard and another one in the microwave. Thank goodness it is just a toy, otherwise she would have PETA on her neck asap!

There’s even a toy barbeque on the other side of the toy kitchen, also stuffed with straw a three more chick resting comfortably on the plate. She had all the best intentions with her little project, but we can’t help but wonder - do they keep their adult chickens in the oven at home?

Say what you wish, she will be a mighty animal architect some day. We see her designing luxury chicken coops with individual heating elements and silken straw and mood lighting. We would definitely buy those, if not for our poultry, then definitely for ourselves!

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