Groom And His Mom Dance To A Mashup At Wedding

7 years ago

We’ve all seen so many bride and groom legendary first dances, most of which are off-the-wall versions of the classic wedding waltz. So many months of practice must have gone into it just to look perfect for ‘The Big Day’. Now take a look at this cute video of a mother and son dancing on his wedding day. Their dance is so next level!

This mother and son duo starts off with the traditional waltz, but a little bit faster. Then it bursts out with the famous Carlton dance to the song ‘It’s Not Unusual’ by Tom Jones. After this iconic dance, funky moves are about to follow. The fantastic duo continues to boogie on ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars and the whole performance looks just amazing as they copy the exact moves from the music video. Joined by some of the guests, they proceed to dance on the famous song ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson. Dancing spookily just like zombies, they surely nailed the ‘Thriller’ choreography. No wonder the attendances were so amazed by the magnificent show.

Their spectacle, has enjoyed a burst of popularity over the Internet as soon as they’ve uploaded it. The moves are set to the following mashup songs: Puttin' on the Ritz, The Carlton, Uptown Funk and Thriller. Moving their feet and body to the music and displaying finesse in every song genre, this mom and her son will surely cheer up your day!

The traditional mother-son dance is a great way for the groom to honor his mother on his wedding day. Still, just like many brides decide to opt out of tradition, so do so many handsome grooms.

We are all used to seeing the bride and groom have their first dance as a traditional opening of the wedding celebration. The most memorable parts of their day are the special dances that kick off the evening: first the happy newlyweds take the dance floor, followed by the father-daughter dance and last, but not least, the dance that the groom shares with his mother.

This mother of the groom convinced her son to take a more unorthodox approach to their dance at the wedding. They begin by dancing to Louis Armstrong’s "What A Wonderful World," but what comes next left everyone with their mouths wide open. The surprise they’ve prepared is a rare one. A series of pop favorites transforms the whole performance into a Michael Jackson tribute. A friend of the groom approaches and hands him a hat. That’s when the crazy movements begin. They loosen their bodies and the moves come naturally.

Either the son has inherited some good genes or they have busted their asses off by practicing. With the flips and the turns they make, this pair looks like professional duo.

Next, Pit Bull and J Lo "Drop It On The Floor". If Jenny remains this agile in her old years, she will conquer all the dance floors around the globe. She might have the style, but she could learn some moves from this lady.

All of a sudden Beyonce calls "All the single ladies" and this dancing couple proves once more that they have all it needs to become famous.

To all future grooms and moms: These two have thrown down the gauntlet. If you want to compete with their performance, roll up your sleeves!

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