These Siamese Purritos Are Just What The Doctor Ordered

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Rumble / Cats & KittensEvery species’ babies are adorable in their own way, but we have to say that, hands down, kittens are the most adorable baby animal in the world! With their squeaks and those itsy bitsy pawsies and their first purrs, kittens can be just a little bit too much to handle. Also, when they are this tiny, they love to be swaddled up like furry little burritos. Purritos!

For these four abandoned kittens, life didn’t start off easy. Their mother, a stray Siamese known throughout the neighborhood, abandoned them only hours after their birth. Their chances of survival were slim, but their tiny mews were heard by the right people. Leo, Brie and Oscar were only 4 days old when they were discovered in the bushes crying and hungry.

A group of compassionate cat people found the litter hidden in a bush when they were only four days old. They were weak and already dehydrated, but their rescuers were ready to help.

One of their siblings found that day, unfortunately, did not make it. But the rest of the heroic litter will have a good chance to grow up into strong, healthy felines and be a loyal pet to a girl or boy out there!

Swaddling little animals might be cute, but when it comes to kittens there is a practical reason behind it. When they are as young as these three, kittens have been known to suck on each other’s fur, especially if they are abandoned by their momma. Still, they are so adorable to watch!

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  • debdeb, 3 years ago

    So sweet =)

    2 rumbles
  • missvirgule, 3 years ago

    She "abandoned" them... didn't you think that, maybe, she had an accident ? There is a LOT of dangers when you don't have anyone to take care of you, when you're a cat. I know it, i fed stray cats since... 7 years and several disappeared because of drivers. If the babies were alone it can be the fault of a "man" or a dog : she felt in danger and... had to escape to save her own life : she could still make other babies, but her life, she couldn't have it back. Sooo, be kind with her and, if you don't know, don't accuse her :).

    0 rumbles
  • vagabond, 3 years ago

    Precious! Thank you for all that you do. =^_^=

    1 rumble
  • Aaron88, 3 years ago

    they are so fluffy :D

    1 rumble
  • Paul13, 3 years ago

    This is the most adorable video ever...

    1 rumble
  • Jessy94, 3 years ago

    Honestly I had never seen a cat abandon her babies, so unfortunately they were left alone because their mother probably had some kind of accident. Those were lucky to be found :)

    1 rumble
  • LoganStone, 3 years ago

    Very sweet :)

    1 rumble
  • Melissa_James, 3 years ago

    Cuteness overload!!!

    1 rumble
  • Petar97, 3 years ago

    cuteness overload :D

    1 rumble
  • Sebastian33, 3 years ago

    Siamese kittens are so adorable

    1 rumble
  • Leticia21, 3 years ago

    so cute :)

    1 rumble
  • Johnny, 3 years ago

    adorable :))))) i'm mealting

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