Pug Adorably Swaddled In Comfy Blanket

EmiThePug Published December 29, 2017 1,468 Plays $6.52 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe have to admit, when we watch videos like this one, we can't help but feel jealous of the comfort and love these dogs get by their owners! Our pupper here is really mastering the art of doing nothing all day long. Emi the pug loves nothing more than to be wrapped in her favorite blanket and just sit there on the sofa in the peace and quiet of her owner's living room. We envy you, Emi! Isn't she the cutest dog burrito you have ever seen?

Pugs are known to be a bit lazy and not really energetic, but Emi here takes these properties to a whole new level of cuteness. As the clip progresses, you're getting the impression that she's about to doze off, but wait a minute! Not so fast, people. No, she's just pretending she's about to fall asleep just to avoid the boring walk outside in freezing cold. And who can blame her? With all the snow outside, it's best if you could just wrap yourself in the comfiest blanket in your home and just do nothing!

So our Emi here is a good girl and instead of barking and throwing tantrums, this smart little pooch decided for her own good to stay still and let mom and dad think she's tired and realy not in the mood for anything else but a nap! And how could you say no to this adorable face!

Check it out as Emi the pug decides to take a very cozy nap. Too cute! Instagram - Emi_pug