Baby Shares Meal With English Mastiff

Published June 21, 2016 54,601 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsThis little boy already knows that sharing is caring as he hand-feeds his giant English Mastiff some of his dinner. These two are going to be the best of friends! It is a heartwarming moment when the pup stands next to the toddler expecting to get some of his food. This cute little boy doesn’t mind having this big god around him because living with a dog from such an early age means commitment for life. The toddler has already made the best of friends with the pooch. For dogs and their human babies, it's often love at first sight. And these best friendships will continue to grow for years to come. This is an example of such a friendship. The dog is like a big brother to this adorable boy, so they are used to caring for each other in every possible way.

In this video clip, the boy is seen in his feeding chair, having made a mess all around him while finishing his dinner. When his sweet tummy is all full up, it’s time to do something with the rest of the food. Why bothering mommy to throw the leftovers in the bin, when they can end up in the dog’s tummy - killing two birds with a stone. The dog will be happy and grateful for the food he will get and mommy will be amazed at her son’s move. Moreover, he will give her fits of giggle because what can be sweeter than seeing your son feeding his best friend with leftovers of his own meal? It is hilarious how he shares the food with his pooch. This considerate toddler will keep on taking bits and piece of the messy food on the table and feeds the doggy until there is nothing left in the plate. The food becomes more delicious when it is delivered from the chubby hand of this toddler. The baby boy doesn’t have fear of his dog since he starts feeding him by putting his whole hand in his mouth in order to make sure that not a crumble is left in his tiny hand.

The dog finds this meal so delicious that he can’t stop licking his friend's hand. The baby knows when it’s enough licking as he goes to fish for some more food for the dog. This time, he decides to use his own spoon by scooping large chunks of leftovers and straight into the dog’s mouth. The boy takes care nothing to be left in the spoon. Until it drops on the floor. Either the dog will lend a helping hand by picking it up and give it to the boy or the boy will go on feeding his dog with his bare hands. That’s not so important because we are sure that their friendship will last until the end of times and it will only grow stronger and stronger.

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