"Sharing Is Caring"

AFVVirals Published March 1, 2018 270 Plays

Rumble "Sharing is caring. And these two best friends are the definition of the saying. Together they play, they nap and eat. Not only do they eat together, but they even share their food. In this case, it is baby who is sharing the food, but we have no doubt that the adorable dog does the same all the time. The baby is relaxing on her blanket, surrounded by her toys and her best friend, the adorable dog, who is right next to her making sure she is safe. That is why the baby decided to give her best friend a treat! But, what would friendship be without some fun and teasing? The cute baby wants to give her best friend a treat but first, she decided to have some fun. It worked out fine two times, but the third time dog decided to take matters into his own paws. "That's it! Thank you, but I'm taking the treat." How adorable."