Geese Family Knows Street Rules Very Well As They Successfully Cross Road

8 years ago

Every time we see a family of geese crossing the road, we fear that someone will get impatient and run them over. Yet the geese continue on waddling at their pace, and cars wait until they have successfully crossed the road. Are geese dumb? Do they have no fear of cars? How did geese learn they can cross the road with confidence they will not get murdered by the large vehicles they are walking right in front of?

Dash cam footage captured a family of geese carefully crossing the road on a pedestrian crossing, like every clever member of society. These geese recreate the classic Abbey Road photo, except instead of the Beatles, we can see them walking to safety on the other side of the road. How adorable is this? <a href="" target="_blank">They cross the street</a> at the crossing like it's instinct, which is unbelievable. Maybe they were scouting out the area for a bit, watching other people cross the same road, abiding to the cross walk. Animals can pick up on things fast! These geese are undoubtedly accustomed to road traffic. Intelligent and wary with keen hearing and vision, they easily avoid the traffic. On land, they feed in groups and at least one goose always scouts for trouble. Indeed, the grazing flock multiplies a lookout's sharp senses.

Geese can certainly fly across roads. Explorers report them flying even across Mount Everest. The question is: why <a href="" target="_blank">they cross roads</a>? Because they can't fly while molting (mid June to mid July). Also domestic geese have largely lost flying ability. Moreover, people often remove part of their wings (pinioning) to prevent domestic geese from flying away. Consequently, domestic geese only flap their wings furiously and maybe lift off a couple of feet.

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