Check This List Of Illegal Baby Names Before You Get Creative With Yours

Published June 10, 2016 14,081 Views

Rumble Want to name your baby after a delicious chocolate spread? Or the founder of al-Qaeda? Luckily for these babies, the government made their ridiculous names illegal, so check out this shocking list of 10 illegal baby names on AllTime10s.

Now, to be honest, they are not illegal everywhere, so just to soothe your anxiety, we will also tell you where the names are illegal. For example, you can’t name your baby Nutella if you live in France. The reason is unknown.

On the other spectrum of comfort food, you can’t name your baby Fish And Chips if you live in New Zealand. Sure, they are delicious, but why would someone want to condemn their baby to such a...complicated name? Oh yeah, Kiwis can’t call their babies Sex Fruit either. Now we wonder why that is?

While on the subject of the boot-shaped island, if you want to destine your kid to a life of fame and bling, you can’t name it 4Real. We are sorry, but if your kid wants to be a rapper when they grow up, they will have to write “Bob” on their ID. Great fan of the city of Detroit? Having you kid named Yeah Detroit Lastname is also not an option in New Zealand.

Enough about the Kiwis and their peculiar tastes for names. How about in Mexico? Surely they are more open-minded. Not if you want to name your kid Facebook, that’s a no-no. Also, if you are a die-hard of Robocop, you can only name your kid after the cop-turned-robot at the comfort of your own home.

Mona Lisa sounds like a decent name to give to your infant, right? It speaks of exquisite tastes and knowledge. That is all fine, but if you live in Portugal, it is not an option. Again, reasons unknown.

Do you have an interesting name you would like to give you future child? No need to leave it in the comments, just make sure it is legal where you live.

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