Here Is A List Of 10 Charities That Conned The World8m21s

Here Is A List Of 10 Charities That Conned The World

The world can be a cruel place to live in. We hear of great inventions and people going in space but we also hear a lot of pleas for financial help for people in need. Now, you might think that if we have the money for science, we would also have money to help the less fortunate people, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Every day there is a new disease that is trying to find its place among the already existing ones, and if sickness isn’t the issue, then poverty and natural disaster definitely are. To say that we don’t have our priorities straight when it comes to the division of finances would be an understatement, that is why there are people who create all sorts of funds and organisations to focus on the real problems. These charity organisations aim to gather funds to help the people in need, and are amassing huge amounts of money each year. But are we really sure that those funds eventually find their way back to the ones they were designated for? In this video you will see a list of ten of all time worst charity organisations that gathered millions of dollars throughout the years and decided to keep a few in their pockets. Which ones surprised you? Do you think that you’ll be able to donate to charity again? Make sure you are aware of these con organisations and tell us what you think in the comments down below. Giving to charity is a great thing to do. But it is certainly important to know where your money is actually going!

Here Is A List Of 10 Ways Space Travel Might Change In The Next 100 Years9m31s

Here Is A List Of 10 Ways Space Travel Might Change In The Next 100 Years

Isn’t it funny when you’re reading books from a hundred years ago or watching movies from the past century that portray what the future holds? Well, their future is now and unfortunately we are no closer to their predictions than they were. Sure, we’re launching rockets into outer space, but we probably have a few centuries of trials and tribulations to go until we manage to reach warp speed (sorry, Trekkies). Science today has made it possible to send different unmanned aircrafts to space to gather information about our surroundings in space and the development of telescopes makes it possible for us to see farther and farther into space. We’re sending people to the International Space Station where we’re testing for endurance and effects hoping that one day it will all pay off and we will be able to travel and colonize surrounding planets and beyond. This video shows us a list of ten predictions in regards to space travel in the next century. Now bear in mind that these guesses are based on current conditions and technological innovations so they are most likely to change. Will we be able to go into space in the future? Will we return to the moon? Will we travel at the speed of light? Make sure you tune in to hear them all and don’t forget to tell us your opinion in the comments down below.

10 Hilarious Movie Rip Offs9m32s

10 Hilarious Movie Rip Offs

You've seen Transformers and Spiderman, but what about Transmorphers and Supaidaman? You'd be shocked just how many films have absurdly bad knock-offs, and here are some of the best of the bunch.

10 Greatest Space Conspiracies10m19s

10 Greatest Space Conspiracies

Was the moon landing faked? Is the earth flat? Someone out there certainly thinks so. True, false, or somewhere in betwee, here are the 10 Greatest Space Conspiracies.

10 Places Frozen In Time7m45s

10 Places Frozen In Time

Countless towns, cities and civilisations have risen and fallen over the years, but in rare cases we get to see them preserved to some degree - sometimes entirely. Here's 10 Places Frozen in Time.

10 Hidden Signs You're Going To Live Past 100 Years Old8m54s

10 Hidden Signs You're Going To Live Past 100 Years Old

Humans have always been curious about the meaning of life and what happens after we are gone. From the beginning of time we have been obsessed about what happens after life. While some of us are interested to know, some of us are just afraid to even think about the subject. Ether way, we have been on this planet for enough time to realize that the process of life begins with life and finishes with death. However, this video focuses more on the subject life and how we can find out how long we will live. In other words, there actually might be a way in which we can figure out how long we will be on this planet we call Earth . Sometimes we like to stick on the shorter day to day routine which allows us to live a more healthy and happy life, rather than to focus on what will happen or what can happen. Living in the now is what most people should prefer due to the fact that we cannot change anything that will happen nor foresee the future. The only thing for certain is that we can focus on today and make the best of it. However, this video has some interesting content that just might be for you. Want to be wrinkly and grey haired for the majority of your life? well here's some signs that you could be just that!

Ten Tricks That Make You Appear Much Smarter Than You Are8m53s

Ten Tricks That Make You Appear Much Smarter Than You Are

Even if you're as thick as two planks, there are some pretty sneaky ways to make you seem much smarter than you actually are! A study from Michigan University found that being critical is a great way to boost your perceived IQ. Researchers separated participants into three groups, one in which they were told to appear smarter, one in which they were told to be well-liked, and a third control group with no instructions. Participants were then asked to pick a film and assess it. Those asked to look smarter intentionally picked films they considered to be worse, so they can easily criticize them. Already indicating an association within our society of criticism and intelligence. This decision was proved right by the result. While those who rated the film worse regardless of their group, were rated as more intelligent by fellow participants, than those with more neutral opinions. In addition, don’t have piercings if you want to look more intelligent. Researchers showed 440 participants photos of men and women with varying amounts of facial piercings and then asked them to rate their appearance to intelligence and attractiveness. Younger, more liberal participants were more likely to judge pierced individuals as more intelligent than the older more conservative persons. However, regardless of the age of the judge, piercing were generally perceived of making people less attractive and intelligent. A 2007 study indicated that people judge maintained eye contact as a strong indicator of higher intelligence, both consciously and unconsciously. The experiment splits 1002 undergraduates into pairs to discuss a pre-assigned topic and instructed one to act smart and competent while the other was given no instruction. Of the people who were told to act smart, one technique that a hundred percent of the participants used at one point was to maintain eye contact, indicating that it is universally perceived as an intelligent act! Check out the remaining tricks that help you appear smarter!