Two Boys Have Very Different Reactions To One Surprise Announcement

7 years ago

Gender reveal normally eases the tension once learning baby’s sex, but often such big announcements leave brothers and sisters with mixed emotions. This video captures that moment perfectly.

These adorable boys are in for a great surprise when mom tells them the news about their new baby brother at dinnertime. They each have completely different reactions to the news! Their mom presents them with the big news and tells them that the new addition to the family, which was believed it was a boy, is actually a girl. Their reactions to the news are priceless!

One brother is incredibly pleased with the gender reveal results, and the other brother, not so much. When pregnant with a baby, you never know what you will get, the dilemma "It's a boy-It's a girl" will always haunt you, and you may even get twins.

Watch as these two brothers learn about the gender of the new baby, one is thrilled about a new baby girl, while the other is rooting for a baby brother.

After their mother announced that they will have a baby sister, one of them is instantly happy, while the other shows disappointment and starts to cry.

Well, we sure hope this big brother in denial will eventually learn how to deal with a baby sister, and comes to term with the fact that he is not getting a baby brother after all.

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