Variety of farm animals enjoy leisurely stroll

7 years ago

This is so funny! It seems like everyone wants to join in on this leisurely stroll, even the farm animals! At first, the dogs start to take a walk with their owner, then a few moments later, the chickens decide to tag along, how cute! They are running very fast to catch up, so funny! The ducks follow close behind and last but not least, the goats decide to join, but they don't look like they are in a rush, they are taking it nice and easy. There is no rush!

It looks like it is a farm animal parade, awesome! This is one lucky lady. She's got some pretty cool friends! It seems like these farm animals love to go on walks, it is great exercise. I wonder what they're going to see, maybe she has a surprise for them! Either way, it seems like they enjoy every minute of this! Hooray! If they find any other animals along the way, they'll probably be quite tempted to tag along! How cute is this?

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