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Bird Is Plucking Fur From Sleeping Labrador

We all have a friend who always says that he will cut his hair and never does it! This bird was so tired of his dog friend saying that he will get a new haircut, spoiler alert, he never did so decided to take the matter into his own hands. Claws? Toes?

He used the moment when his friend was sleeping, and he started giving him a haircut. Do you think he would like it? We are not quite sure. In this case, is he being a jerk or is he a helpful friend, who will save him some bucks and a new haircut. Check out this hilarious video of this bird plucking this bear fur, is he a jerk for doing that or is he helping a friend to get a new haircut.

The person who took this funny video wrote about this funny fur-plucking event: “For about two weeks we have been watching the same bird stalking our Labrador Retriever, Maple.

When Maple takes a nap, the bird flies down and spends several minutes pulling fur from her side and rear. Then the bird flies into a bush and adds the dog fur to her nest. We have filmed her doing this at least three times. Maple only occasionally wakes up during these “fur harvest” sessions.”

However, the funny thing about this video is that Maple loves this and she is enjoying. This is developing into a fantastic friendship because they seem to have fun and enjoy together because this happens whenever Maple takes a nap.

When the video ends, the sleeping Labrador wakes up for a little bit and sees the bird plucking her fur, AGAIN! Even though the bird flies away this time, they know that she will back again ones Maple falls asleep still.

It great to see how animal friendships evolve in the animal kingdom. We think that is possible for dogs and birds to have a true friendship and that they can be best buddies, whether they are plucking their fur or they are playing fetch, or they are talking to each other. This dog is doing a great deed for this bird; Maple is providing fur for the bird’s nest and her babies.

Talking about a friendship between a dog and a bird, take a look at this cockatoo communicating with the dog, talking in her language. What are they talking about?

Brandy here is only a distant relative to Einstein, and she has been living with her humans for the past 31 years. When they brought home Chou Chou the pooch, the bird gave her best shot at learning the dog’s language, because this is a new member of the family and communication is a must. The two have been housemates for the last two years as Chou-Chou has been around and Brandy has become a sort of expert in dog language. How funny and adorable are these animals!

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