Hilarious Compilation Of Cats That Forgot How To Cat

Published May 20, 2016 160,725 Views

Rumble / CompilationsCats are usually a symbol of grace and elegance, but this apparently is not always the case, and this hilarious compilation of 18 cats proves just that. These particular felines simply forgot how to cat and got themselves into some strange situations.

It's no wonder that cats rule the internet. They conquered our hearts with their cuteness, silliness and just plain acting weird. Luckily for us they don't have opposable thumbs, otherwise we would all have been their minions by now, and this article would have been written by a cat. Despite being the weird creatures they are, cats are also very smart and loving, especially toward tiny cute babies. They see themselves as protectors, and sometimes they bring us gifts from their hunts.

They love us no matter what anyone says, and have lots of things in common with humans. Like this kitty that gives a loving massage to her owner. Usually they are the recipients of cuddles and affection from us, but in a lot of cases they can show affection as well and be as loving as dogs.

The cats from this compilation show that these wonderful creatures have an awesome, goofy side as well - some of them are just hilariously doing simple cat stuff, like hanging on the door screen, while others have a more mean agenda and push kids around. Nonetheless, this compilation is cuteness overload!

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