Loving Kitty Gives His Owner A Relaxing Massage

Meet Banks, the former resident cat masseuse at the Bonita Shelter in San Diego Department of Animal Services. While other cats were just awaiting the day some starry eyed human would have the instant fall in love feel and pick them up, Banks was earning his daily cat nip by giving massages to his caretakers!
After being given a generous thorough back rub, our cat returns the favor scratching this woman’s back, right there on the spot!
And, no surprise, he was very soon adopted by a nice caring family. We are left to wonder now, which quality has contributed to such a fast exit from the animal shelter – were it all about his big eyes, cute face, long, bushy whiskers or was it, perhaps, the massage skilled paws! Regardless of the reason and motivation behind it all, just imagine yourself, returning home after a hard day’s work and being greeted with a nice, long, professional massage accompanied by a soothing, healing purr.
Did you feel it? Well, you just could have the same amount of love given to you, should you open your doors and hearts to a shelter animal. Banks is one of millions rescued or abandoned animals awaiting for your love and care in the animal shelters. According to ASPCA, there are 6.5 million companion animals in US shelters, of which, 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 are cats. They all have their astonishing gifts that are just at the reach of your discovery, waiting for you in the local animal shelter.

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