Curious Tots Test Their Fear Of Heights On A Glass Floor

AFVPublished: May 12, 2016115,269 views
Published: May 12, 2016

These adorable tots are confused as to how did their dad get across to the other side of the hallway, when there is a large aquatic pool between them! Well it turns out that the pool is actually just a see through floor covered with thick glass! It takes these cute kids a couple tries to really trust the glass floor and their reactions to it are absolutely precious!

It is quite normal for someone to be afraid of heights. But are we born with that fear, or did we learn it? Basically, not seeing a solid floor beneath you gives you the trigger that it is dangerous to go there, because you might fall off and get hurt. If it is dangerous, then we should probably be afraid of it.

Two psychologists developed an apparatus they called the “visual cliff”, where they would place babies on a fake precipice, to prove that babies learn to fear heights as they learn to crawl. A research reveals that, while babies do learn from their experiences, acrophobia is not something they acquire.

These kids show that, even though the floor looks like there is nothing there, curiosity makes them test the surface further, because getting to dad is more important. So they stomp on the see-through floor with their chubby little feet and step by step, they manage to get to daddy. If, however, there was no support, they would have stayed on their side, because staying pain-free is more important than getting to dad.

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