Curious Toddler Hears Own Echo For First Time

Caters_NewsPublished: June 15, 20171,595 views
Published: June 15, 2017

When little Bonnie Lou Ashdown was visiting Aylesford Priory in Kent, England, she made the biggest discovery of her life so far and her little mind is blown!

In the the footage, posted on 15 June 2017, the cute toddler walks around the chapel with her pacifier in mouth. With adorable infantile curiosity, she explores her surroundings but has no idea she’s about to learn something incredible. She removes the pacifier from her mouth and starts making sounds, which create one of the most amazing sound reflections done by a man made construct.

The echo makes Bonnie stop in her tracks and look around. Is someone else here? With eyes and mouth wide open, Bonnie Lou starts shouting louder and louder in the chapel and her own voice comes back at her in waves, making the sweet tot flash a gorgeous smile! Once she realizes it is, in fact, her own voice saying hello back, she starts running around the chapel, shouting “Dah!” over and over and smiles with joy when her shouts come back to her!

Her grandparents had a field trip with their daughter’s first experience in acoustics. Grandpa Jobe, from Chatham, Kent, says: “It was a real innocence of youth type moment. She stepped up on the altar like it was a stage ready for her grand performance. As soon as she figured out what was going on, she pointed her finger upwards to point to the sound.

“Truly it was a moment we as grandparents will cherish forever.” Adorable!

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