Little Boy Loves His Unusual Present

Published May 12, 2016 43,586 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsGetting presents for little kids is easy, right? Just get whatever that is super cool and hot these days and they will most definitely love it! Whether it is a toy or a gadget, you will be a hit, that’s for sure.

But as time progresses, technology gets more advanced which means cooler stuff to have. Marketing works on the sole intent to make stuff more desirable, which makes gifting kids that much harder. Everyone needs to have cooler, better things than others. Luckily, parents remember to teach their kids about values and the importance of gifting, which is why we have this incredibly adorable video for you guys!

This adorable kid absolutely loves his unusual present that his dad got for him. While most kids would expect to get action figures, games, or dolls, this cute kid is very thankful for the pack of toilet paper that his parents got for him! His sweet reaction to the gift will put a smile on your face!

“Thank you! I love this toilet paper” says the kid and we are melting through and through. Watching him hug that four pack of toilet paper makes us wanna get him the luxury, scented stuff! Four ply! We’ll invent it if there isn’t any!

He kindly asks his dad to open it and after being handed a roll, he runs off to the bathroom to put it in the dispenser! Cute and helpful too, such a little gentleman.