Two-Year-Old Is Thrilled He Got A Banana For Christmas

NewsflarePublished: December 28, 2017Updated: December 29, 2017647 views
Published: December 28, 2017Updated: December 29, 2017

Christmas is a time of the year when Santa and and his presents are in the spotlight. We all set our expectations high when it comes to receiving our Christmas presents. Sometimes we get what we want, but sometimes its coal. Not literally, but at least that would have made things obvious.

This cute video come to us from Nevada of a two-year-old boy opening his Christmas present to reveal a whopping banana. In the video, filmed on Christmas Eve, Mason tears off the wrapper from the box, opens it up and finds that Santa left him a delicious piece of fruit.

"Banana. Banana. I got banana," says Mason as joyfully as if it were the best toy in the world! And no, it is not an act he puts on, because the joy on his face when little eyes set on the banana is more than evident.

His father later wrote online: "We wanted to see what Mason's reaction would be to getting a banana."

This video actually puts us in a pensive mood and teaches a great lesson. Christmas in its essence is a time that we need to spend with our families and loved ones. It is about giving and sharing, but not about the material things – it is about spreading love, support, warmth and kindness to each other.

One can only admire the little boy in this video who is full of joy over such a simple present. He is modest and grateful. Without a doubt, this little guy will grow into an adult who recognizes and respects true values. We all have to learn from him. Happiness and joy comes from the love we receive, from our kindness and respect to others and not from expensive Christmas presents.

Let’s spread real love and joy this holiday season and start afresh by being better versions of ourselves.

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