Coffee Artist Paints Star Wars R2D2 Out Of Espresso

Published May 4, 2016 22,337 Views

Rumble / Unusual TalentsMaria A. Aristidou is a coffee artist from Nicosia, Cyprus. She commemorated the 4th of May, or in pop culture better known as Star Wars Day, in a very appropriate manner: she produced paintings of Darth Vader, R2D2 and other characters of the ultra-popular movie using nothing but the simple cup of coffee.

In this video, we see Maria in her cozy home atmosphere preparing to set the painting process going. However, before she starts, she makes sure we see the process of preparing your morning cup of coffee – a tradition deeply ingrained into all Mediterranean cultures. The process is pretty elaborate and the most amazing thing is that instead of using standard watercolors or paints Maria resorts to using coffee! It took Maria just about 4 hours and 13 espressos to finish with her tribute masterpiece

The outcome is quite incredible, and any " Star Wars " fan who relishes a good cup of coffee would be fortunate to hang these pieces of art on their wall. The time-lapse video shows Aristidou producing the R2D2 portrait from start to finish, and as she goes you start to understand how coffee can be turned into art.

This video of an R2D2 painting session is one of many Star Wars Day-themed sessions uploaded on YouTube by Upcycle.Club. If you were fascinated by Maria’s work at last half of much we were, and if she managed to trigger your artistic palate and curiosity, you can follow her on YouTube and many other social network platforms. Enjoy!

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